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Project Scout

For a select group of individuals, Quixotic can provide a comprehensive scouting service for industry professionals seeking new and exciting content. As your consultant, we identify your strengths, pinpoint gaps in your current slate, and submit projects that suit your particular needs. Our services and submissions are exclusive to you on a first-look basis, including all Quixotic projects entering your territory in the marketplace.  

Why do you need a scout?

Let's face it. In the entertainment industry, you're only as good as your next project... and finding new projects is hard work. The countless specs. The endless manuscripts. Shelf after shelf overflowing with books, comic books, and manga. And let's not even start on the long line of writers banging on your door, eager to pitch their latest projects.  

Consuming such a constant stream of stories is no easy task, and sustaining the endurance to approach each new opportunity with the same open mind and enthusiasm can become a Sisyphean effort devouring most of your day. And when your current projects are demanding your full attention to survive the development process and nab that oh-so-glorious green light, many people find themselves spread too thin — unable to neither confront today nor prepare for tomorrow.

With our help, we can analyze your project slate, identify your needs, and delve into the depths of the marketplace on your behalf... fighting for your tomorrow while you focus on today. We can even equip you with trusted, experienced readers to manage and streamline your incoming submissions. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll find it without wasting any of your time or resources. Only when a project survives our merciless scrutiny will we act. And then one day you’ll find a package on your doorstep alongside the morning paper and some freshly baked cookies.

Easy as that.  

So if you’re a publisher seeking the hottest unpublished manuscript, don’t stress out calling every lit agent from Syracuse to Singapore. And if you’re a producer hungry for the next brand destined for global domination, don’t waste your time fanning the bestseller racks at Barnes & Noble, GameStop, or Meltdown Comics. The geeks were already there. Years ago.  

Achieve your goals and protect your future without all those sleepless nights and selfless dedication. Just hire your own certified "in-house geek" and leave the reading, surfing, playing, researching, collecting, and blogging to us. We’re geeks. It’s what we do.

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