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Publishing Development

What can we say?  We heart publishing.  More each day publishing is becoming that vital launchpad for some of the most exciting and imaginative storytelling in the entertainment industry.  With so many incredibly talented creators, a range of versatile formats, and a vast list of publishers hungry for unique and innovative content, the publishing industry is becoming one of our favorite places to create and cultivate the brightest and best ideas.

So whether you're someone working in the publishing industry, or simply someone curious about the publishing world and eager to find your way in... we want to help! Our services include:

  • Serving as a publishing packager: overseeing the entire process from concept to contract, as we assemble the creative team, supervise the editorial process, and walk you straight into the printer with the final product in hand.  If you haven't found a home for your book yet, we can even help you shop the rights to publishers or build you a business model to self publish!

  • Providing editorial support, inviting publishers and independent developers alike into our vast network of experienced editors, writers, and illustrators.

  • Shepherding creative professionals through the reverse engineering process, translating Film/TV concepts into other mediums while keeping their commercial potential and artistic integrity intact.

  • Offering our assistance as a publishing consultant throughout your creative process, ensuring quality results and providing a transmedia-friendly perspective on your brand's ultimate goals.

Want to know more about our packaging process? Click here to learn more.



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