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To our dear users with Internet Explorer 6.0

We are sad to inform you that Internet Explorer 6.0 is the worst internet browser in the world.  Beginning March 1, 2009, most major websites including Google, YouTube, and countless others are withdrawing their support for IE6 due to the countless flaws in its design.  Consequently, all web design firms are following that precedent and no longer designing websites that effectively communicate with IE6.

Why is your browser being universally rejected by the online community?

Internet Explorer 6.0 was designed almost a decade ago, which (in the online community) is essentially half a century behind 99.99% of all websites currently available on the internet.  Using incredibly outdated technology, IE6 communicates via an antiquated language that unavoidably causes issues with the way your computer interacts with modern websites.  Imagine a tourist struggling to communicate in a foreign language, armed with nothing but one of those "Common Travel Phrases" booklets.  It ultimately devolves into a dizzying mess of pointing and gesturing while barking one-word commands with bad pronunciation.  That's IE6 speaking to the rest of the world.

You are denying yourself a richer, faster, and more enjoyable experience on the internet by using Internet Explorer 6.0.  We encourage you to upgrade your browser for free using the following links below:

Internet Explorer 8.0 (PC)
Internet Explorer 5.2.3 (MAC)

Mozilla Firefox (PC)
Mozilla Firefox (MAC)

Opera (PC)
Opera (MAC)

Safari (PC)
Safari (MAC)



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