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QUIXOTIC is a production company and consultancy designed to empower creative professionals in the entertainment industry to develop and produce content capable of engaging audiences across multiple forms of media.  

What do we do? In a candy-coated nutshell, we are dedicated to connecting good people with good stories, and helping them reach their potential and find their audience in the best way possible. Plain and simple.

How do we do it? In such an over-saturated and ever-evolving marketplace, even the best of us can use a friend and trusted guide. That’s our job at Quixotic. As content strategists and brand managers, we insert ourselves into your creative process at any stage in development, and provide the insight and imagination capable of bringing out the best in your stories and brands.  

Have you unearthed the potential of your ideas? Are you eager to find the right home for your projects? Interested in exploring marketing solutions outside the typical ad buys? Curious if your projects are primed — if not better suited — for other mediums? Or does the notion of producing a graphic novel or an iPhone app just sound really, really fun?

Let's face it. In today’s marketplace, the business of storytelling is changing. The 21st century consumer is evolving, and the tools with which we can develop, produce, promote, and share stories is evolving with them. Yet with so many options and such a bewildering learning curve, too many stories struggle to make the right decisions and (more importantly) the right friends.

Here at Quixotic, we plot you a course through the vast and intimidating labyrinth, and ensure that passionate individuals committed to producing quality entertainment find one another. It’s our mission to champion innovative storytellers and entrust their ideas with industry pioneers capable of bringing those ideas to life.

We now open the floor to questions. Yes, you, in the front. The intelligent, wildly attractive person reading our website right now. What’s on your mind?

Q: “So how can Quixotic help me?”

Regardless the format, situation, or step in the process... there is one universal truth in this industry: a good story can always use a friend. So while every scenario is different, we usually find a way to help during one or more of the following steps in the creative process: development, production, promotion, and management.

Click on the steps above to learn more about how we can help you.

Q: “When do I need Quixotic?”

Short answer: now and always. Sure, we’re biased. Deal with it. We genuinely believe that incorporating the right transmedia strategy could become the springboard your stories need to enjoy a long and happy life. Regardless whether you are launching a new brand, building pre-awareness for upcoming brands, or expanding your existing brands... good stories always need good friends.  

So don’t worry about how far along you’ve progressed in the creative process. We don’t care if you’ve got a multi-million dollar campaign around a billion-dollar franchise or a few words scribbled on a bar napkin. As long as you’ve got a great idea and an open mind... we’ll take care of the rest. Cause that’s the fun part.

Q: For which facets of the entertainment industry have you consulted?

Our experience spans across every facet of the entertainment industry. Recent collaborators include film studios such as Relativity Media, NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, and I Am Rogue; TV networks such as SyFy Channel and Entertainment One; animation studios such as Crest Animation and Hammerhead Animation; game publishers such as Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment; print publishers such as Archaia Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company, and Platinum Studios; production companies such as Archaia Entertainment, The Sean Daniel Company, and The Jim Henson Company; and creative agencies such as DJ2 Entertainment, Kunoichi Media, Imago Interactive, and Panelfly.  We've even worked with independent producers and individual creators armed with nothing more than a really great idea. As long as there is a great story to be told, we want to help them share it with the world. 

Q: “What’s stopping me from contacting you right now?”

NOTHING! Unless you're trapped under something heavy. In that case, call 911. Otherwise, call us instead and see where transmedia can take you. We’re happy to educate you on the advantages of transmedia development, analyze your projects, and help you brainstorm solutions perfect for your needs. Whatever the challenge, we’ll find a way to achieve your goals at the price you want and the quality your brands deserve. After one meeting, you might just revolutionize not only the way you do business, but the way you tell and share your stories with the world.

Any more questions? Feel free to contact us today or click below to ask the most common questions we hear from potential clients.

Q: “When you say transmedia, you mean... what again?”
Q: “Why do I need a transmedia consultant?”
“So what is a transmedia brand strategy?”
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