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Founded in 2010, QUIXOTIC TRANSMEDIA was forged to combat the growing challenges and conformity in the entertainment industry, and focus on the simple goal of connecting good people with good stories.  Using our unique transmedia development approach, we develop and produce content for all facets of the industry, building brands capable of reaching audiences via multiple mediums.  It is our goal to champion quality wherever it arises, fight for the distinction it rightfully deserves, and cast a presence in all media as a vital force behind some of the foremost storytellers in the world.

In support of this mission, Quixotic has fostered a creative network of industry pioneers and quality vendors in every facet of the industry: writers, editors, illustrators, publishers, producers, animation houses, production crews, creative marketing firms, graphic designers, application developers, gaming and social media experiences, augmented reality... the works.  

So who are we?  Basically a bunch of geeks.  We learned a long time ago that we were different than most people.  We snicker at the inside jokes.  We quote the obscure references.  We know who and what is cool before it's cool... because we've had decades of practice.  Being a geek is a lifelong commitment best begun young. It's a lot life figure skating.  No one worth a damn started after kindergarten.

And so Quixotic was formed to channel our geekdom into an inexhaustible fuel driving the modern-day storyteller and those who champion their work.  So if anyone out there is destroying their life wasting countless hours struggling to catch up on what's hip (or if kids even say "hip" anymore)... we have a message for you:


Keep your social life.  Hone those people skills.  Hang out with your kids.  Start enjoying your life again and let us help you discover the gems, fix the scripts, track the trends, play the games, collect the comics, read the award winners, surf the net, and sprint alongside the pulse of pop culture.  We're geeks.  It's what we do.

Our mission:

At Quixotic, we will always act under the belief that the most essential quality for any successful brand is genuine quality storytelling.  Nothing resonates deeper or reaches farther than the power of an awesome imagination.  Truly exceptional stories – tales with engrossing worlds, timeless characters, universal themes, and real heart – are capable of transcending all boundaries and engaging an audience across the globe.  

Good stories have always found those yearning to be inspired, enlightened, and entertained.  It is our mission to ensure that those stories find their way – making the right friends, choosing the right path, and surviving the development process with their integrity intact, so that they can connect with an audience, win their hearts, and endure as only the truly great ones can.

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